Self Defense Workshop 

"Empower yourself with the skills you’ll need to defend yourself. This self-defense program will empower you with a greater awareness of yourself and your surroundings, with tools that keep you safe in the real world. We cover common sense behaviors, avoidance, basic strikes and kicks, defense against grabs and chokeholds, and basic ground techniques*, time permitting*. By learning how to protect against danger, and developing the confidence that these skills bring, you will walk away with both peace of body and peace of mind." About the instructor: Christina Ioannides has been actively practicing and involved in the Karaté style called Kimura Shukokai International (KSI) for 34+ years. She is a six-time Individual World Karate Fighting Champion and one of only two women in the USA who has earned the rank of Fifth Degree Black Belt in KSI, a style of karate that has a worldwide following. She uses this background as a basis for teaching her Self Defense classes.

Fall Dates Coming Soon. Email for more info

Full Moon Meditation and Manifestation

Monthly full moon sessions; check back for winter dates

Harness the power of the full moon for intention setting and manifestation. During this workshop we will use the full moon to meditate and reflect on the things you want to bring into your life in the next month and reiki to help clear out old energy and bring in the new. You will walk away from this workshop feeling refreshed and focused.

Fall Dates Coming Soon. Email for more info